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Charles Ess @ ITU chess at itu.dk
Sat Dec 20 06:38:15 PST 2003


If you're interested in issues of cross- and inter-cultural communication
online, you're invited to review the materials I prepared for a
just-completed Master's course at IT-University, Copenhagen, "Cultural
Homogeneity / Hybridity / Diversity Online":

This is the course description - which is further linked to the course
outline and annotated bibliography.

I'm hoping to soon add a couple of the student projects completed for the
course - they proved to be extremely interesting and highly practical
analyses of these topics as focused on (a) how MacDonald's sites vary around
the world, apparently in efforts to meet the communicative preferences of
diverse cultures (especially as viewed through Hall's distinction between
high content-low context and high context-low content cultures) and (b) a
Danish website oriented towards helping minority communities here, with a
critical analysis of how far the website appears to succeed in addressing
diverse communities with diverse communication preferences.

Comments and suggestions welcome!

And happy holidays -

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