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Nils Zurawski nils.zurawski at uni-hamburg.de
Tue Dec 23 03:26:40 PST 2003

David and all others,

>  > despite some obvious surface difficulties, war is good for the economy.
>and, more to the point of my original post, is war good for academia?

in terms of research as put forward here by some posters it seems to 
be good for academia, at least the money is coming in and the funding 
is on some quite cutting edge stuff... in technological terms

>as the field of internet studies works towards academic legitimacy,
>especially within the US, what does it mean when this process of
>legitimacy takes place within a national economy run by war, threats of
>terrorism, and homeland security.  put another way, where will the money
>for US-based academic internet studies come from and should this be
>something we consider as the field matures?

i cannot see your qustion David, .. of course this should be condered 
for the future of Internet studies...  which leads to the point to 
ask in which direction you (and others) want Internet studiies to 
go... technology or critical studies on techno-social issues (for 
lack of a better phrase) or what else... I, as a European am worried 
about the current focus and funding policy of the military and would 
urge scientists and cholars to think twice about such money, or at 
least reflect on this in their work and the impact this work might 
have ... what it might be used to....

To take a look to where the money for research is coming from might 
be part of the political economy of Internet studies and should be an 
integral part of it anyway, wether it be .com .mil or other...

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