[Air-l] Re: is this internet studies?

Ulla Bunz bunz at scils.rutgers.edu
Tue Dec 23 12:20:24 PST 2003

David says,

> i also wonder what the role of air is.  if air exists, in part, to give
> collective voice to internet researchers, then this is something that
> might want to be addressed, discussed, debated, etc.  in the very least,
> it should be something that is made visible.

But aoir is an organization, and organizations are made of people and of
communication. So aoir is what our members make it - or, here on the
listserve, what those who actively participate make it. I don't think aoir as
an association takes a stand on this or any issue, does it. I mean, aoir can't
think. Only people can. It's the members' voices that make others associate a
particular orientation with the organization. It's community created, so to
speak. And - we're talking about it right now, so we are addressing,
discussing, debating it, aren't we? It's made visible by all of our
willingness to listen to all kinds of perspectives on this topic here on the
list rather than ackknowledging only one side or the other, or none at all.
Action would come from members/participants. Aoir as the association gives
people a forum for their voice. That's my personal opinion, by the way, and
not some sort of exec member statement.


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