[Air-l] Available Chat/IM Tools?

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Thu Dec 25 12:53:20 PST 2003

jabber is probably the least corporate and most egalitarian solution.

or, alternately, IRC with a java applet.  but i'd stay away from IRC in
general - pretty unfriendly.


> Dear Colleagues:
> I am setting up an Illinois standards-based sports safety/science TV
> show and website for K-12 students. I would like to include chat and
> instant messaging as a component. The concept I have in mind is to use a
> website as an "after the show" vehicle for kids, teachers, parents,
> etc., to converse with afterwards. Does anyone on this list have info as
> to good tools that are available for low/no cost?
> Thanks,
> Matthew Newman
> Executive Editor
> Sports Smarts
> msjanew at aol.com

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