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1: I was teacher at what we call secondary level in Europe . You are
presenting a scope for three different targets  here. The kids , the
parents and the teachers. They all have different , and often
conflicting needs. Teachers don't necessarily want to be in a discussion
board with parents , and students certainly don't want to be any where
near a discussion board with either of those other two groups.  
2: Would you build a house without the foundations?
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1. In your experience, do kids really use discussion boards? IM seems to
be the tool of choice from what I can see in the middle school world.
The primary audience for sportssmarts is kids--although teachers and
parents would be interested in the discussion board, I am sure, as well
as some kids.

2. Is a database a must for a content rich site? I am scoping the
development costs and it seems this an important determination to make.

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