[Air-l] Survey: Best Sports Safety Website Features?

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Get yourself into a class room and ask the kids themselves!
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Dear Colleagues: 

I am setting up a K-12 sports safety/science website for kids, parents,
teachers, and coaches. The site is focused on Illinois and will be
standards-based. The primary audience is kids. 

If you have a moment, please let me know which of the following features
FOR KIDS you consider important, possibly interesting, or a waste of
time. I will develop separate lists for coaches, teachers, and parents.
If you have additional suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

1. Top Ten Sports Safety Tips (for individual sports)
2. Sports Writing Opportunity
3. Recommended Sports Books
4. Ask an Athlete feature
5. As a Health Expert feature
6. Collaborative Sports Science Lab 
7. Ask a Coach feature
8. Articles and BLM/web Activities (i.e., The Science behind Olympic
Fashions, Just Say No to Steroids, etc.)
9. Sports Question of the Day
10. Bizarre Sports Facts
11. This Day in Sports History
12. Links to Flash-Based Sports Games
13. Child-Parent Activities
14. Links to Training and Coaching Sites
15. Diet Information
16. Content for At-Risk Students
17. Links to Safety Organizations
18. Content in Spanish
19. Instant Messaging, Chat, or Discussion Boards
20. Question of the Day Survey
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