[Air-l] Newsweek cover photo, 1997?

cvb cvb at utah.edu
Wed Dec 31 14:13:52 PST 2003

Dear Friends,

Does anyone have good-quality scans of the _Time_ and _Newsweek_ Dec. 1,
1997 covers, featuring the parents of septuplets? There was a controversy
because _Newsweek_ digitally altered the mother's teeth. I am planning to
use these images as examples in a lecture on digital ethics in a
Communication Technology and Culture class.

I have found images of the two covers, but they are low-quality and I can't
really see the difference.

Thank you for your help.

Cassandra Van Buren
Cassandra Van Buren, Ph.D.
Department of Communication
University of Utah
255 S. Central Campus Drive LNCO 2400
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
cvb at utah.edu

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