[Air-l] Late adolescents and dating on the Internet

Frank Thomas frank.thomasftr at free.fr
Thu Dec 4 04:34:07 PST 2003

There is an article on the website of the New York Times today that
shows the limits of the business: human feelings, saturation. It might
help to situate your issue.

And specially, what a term: increasing dating fatigue!

Just Saying No to the Dating Industry

December 2, 2003

BY her own admission, Sara Cambridge was "totally

She spent hours trolling online dating sites, sending
e-mail messages to potential mates and creating "a real
connection," which would invariably sour into deep
disappointment within the first five minutes of an actual
date. At which point she would return to the sites, send
more e-mail, make another connection and suffer another
snap disappointment.


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Dr. Frank Thomas
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Rosny, France

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