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Terry Calhoun splendid at umich.edu
Sat Feb 1 09:31:13 PST 2003

Transforming e-Knowledge: A Revolution in the Sharing of Knowledge
by Donald M. Norris (US), Jon Mason (AU), and Paul Lefrer (UK)
http://www.transformingeknowledge.info         <- full text on line here

This is a beautiful, 2-color, 164-page book which is designed in such
a way as to use a lot of graphics and color to lighten and guide the
reader through some fairly dense information. In the Foreword, Diana
Laurillard of the Open University says of the book: "We cannot predict
the future, but we do sense that we have the power to shape it. So we
need to take time to reflect: on what those possible futures are, which
are the more desirable, and what it takes to realise them. The authors
of this book set out to help us with that process. On every page you
will find them striving to express the ways in which e-systems can be
exploited, the benefits they could yield, and what we all, individuals
and organisations together, must now do." With the collaboration of
groups like Australia.edu, EDUCAUSE, the NLII, and more, over the next
month or two, approximately 10,000 copies of the book will arrive in the
hands of readers in a variety of channels, mostly in North America, but
also in Europe and Australasia. So we think it will be much read and

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