[Air-l] Seeking experts in online learning

Newberry, Brian Wayne bnewberry at ku.edu
Mon Feb 10 08:04:34 PST 2003


I am working on a study in the area of online learning. I am attempting to
learn more about the relationship between a student's desire for social
interaction and their perception of Social Presence with their engagement in
a class and their satisfaction in the class.

Currently I am developing an instrument to gather data. This instrument will
have a scale for "Social Interaction Desired in Learning", "Social
Presence", "Course Engagement", and "Satisfaction". I am seeking experts in
these areas to review and provide expert opinion about items in these areas
to help me isolate the best for data collection.

Knowing the quality of researchers in this group I was hoping that some of
you might self-identify as experts in one or more of these areas and agree
to review my items.

If you would agree to do this for me I would appreciate it! The process
won't take too much time. Just follow a link below, read each item and rate
the item on the five point scale. You will be giving your expert opinion
about the ability of each item to elicit valid responses from students in
online classes. The links to the scales are below. If you review a section I
would appreciate you sending me an email (bnewberry at ku.edu) and tell me
about your expertise and also give me additional feedback on my items or

Social Interaction Desired in Learning scale


Social Presence


Course Engagement




Brian Newberry
bnewberry at ku.edu

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