[Air-l] political participation and internet use

KeithDoyon at aol.com KeithDoyon at aol.com
Tue Feb 18 20:03:07 PST 2003

> We're doing a follow-up email survey to tease out many of the finer
> points of political participation and Internet use, and as we get
> articles out, I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

<<  i for one would love to hear more about the research project. 
... i'd be curious to hear how your survey teases out less obvious 
intersections between the net and (___ fill in the blank).
... i'm thinking of folks who have used the net to gain knowledge not 
contained within mainstream media and the ways in which that knowledge may 
have influenced their participation in (___ again fill in the blanks).
... i'm thinking about how a number of folks, especially in the US, have used 
the net to discover that despite what the polls or media say, there is a 
strong and global (_____) movement growing and perhaps now's the time to 
join.  >>

Dear David and Gina,

Thank you two very much for your exchanges.  I am particularly interested in 
the application of the internet to the organization and proliferation of 
special-interest groups and I would sincerely appreciate being apprised of 
references to studies and work in the area.  I do hope that you will consider 
keeping the group posted.  And Gina, is there yet a reference to the research 
project of which you are a part?

Keith Doyon
Colorado Springs
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