[Air-l] How anti-Iraq war protesters employed technology

Layton Montgomery lhm02 at uow.edu.au
Mon Feb 24 16:02:02 PST 2003

Two sites that I am familiar with are:


I am on MoveOn.org's mailing list, and they regularly inform people about
concrete actions taking place, and urging people to take specific actions, both
individually and as a group.  A creative online action that they are organizing
this Wednesday (Feb. 26) is a "Virtual March on Washington".  They are
organizing people to call their representatives in the House of Representatives
and the Senate; a different constituent to call each of the 535 of them each
minute for the whole day.  The online registration process along with the mail
list announcements allow an action within a period of time that simply could
not have been taken without the use of the internet.  Notably, a message today
announced that they had already fully scheduled phone calls to be made for all
states except for a handful of states with the smallest populations.

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Yvonne Waern wrote:

> As a follow up of this discussion, I wonder if anybody has got any
> sources to point to as to the organization of anti-war demonstrations
> via the internet?
> I could not find anything before David's first invitation to check
> out his Seattle demonstration pictures.
> Thanks in advance!
> Yvonne

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