[Air-l] IMPORTANT - AoIR conference submission clarification and extension

Steve Jones sjones at uic.edu
Wed Feb 26 07:11:53 PST 2003

That would be a possibility, but it is too late to implement it for 
this conference. Yet given the resources available (number of 
reviewers and number of submissions) it will undoubtedly prove too 
daunting to be implemented in the near future. It would also likely 
advance considerably the deadlines involved. Still, it's something we 
can consider for future conferences.


At 3:51 PM +0100 2/26/03, Laszlo Ropolyi wrote:
>There seems to be a natural solution of the problem: shifting the deadline
>of panels and that of the individual papers. A first deadline for panels
>and the second one for individual papers. In the cases of unsuccesful
>panel proposals every people could apply again as individual participant.
>Best wishes,
>Laszlo Ropolyi
>On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Matthew Allen wrote:
>>  Hi there
>>  you submit EITHER in a panel OR separately. - basically you have to choose
>>  and hopefully this ensures only very good panels are proposed, with good
>>  papers all through
>>  We have found previously that some panels really were not of strong quality
>>  and this is the way we are trying to ensure they improve - by making people
>>  responsible for organising their paper into a good panel or submitting it
>>  singly
>>  Best wishes
>>  Matt Allen
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