[Air-l] Call for reviewers for 2003 AoIR conference

Matthew Allen M.Allen at exchange.curtin.edu.au
Thu Jan 9 18:27:18 PST 2003

Dear all

you will by now have seen the call for papers for the IR v4 conference
'Broadening the Band' in Toronto, 2003.

As Program chair, I wish to invite members of the Air-list to nominate to
act as reviewers of proposals. 

A reviewer will need to reviewer a number of 700-word abstracts, provide
basic feedback, according to set criteria. A reviewer will also provide
assistance to the sub-chairs responsible for groups of papers in finalising
their recommendations for inclusion in the program. This work will need to
be done in March. There is an interactive website that will be used for
managing the review process (the other side of the conference submission
website :) ).

I expect that, with a longer abstract, we will actually make the job a
little easier (if slightly more time), because there will be more substance
on which to choose for or against a paper.

I note that, in particular, we will need some reviewers fluent in French;
and we will need reviewers for creative/aesthetic presentations as well as
more traditional scholarly papers.

Reviewers will shortly be able to join a specialised mailing list aircon
through which all review/program business will be conducted.

To this end, please reply to me directly
m.allen at curtin.edu.au
using the subject line
AOIR conference reviewer

providing a brief (50 word) description of your interests and nominating one
or two of the following topic areas which we are using to manage the review
process (note - these are not streams :) )

Communities and Interaction 
Digital aesthetics 
Economics and Commerce 
Ethics, Law, Policy 
Identities and Diversity 
Media and Communication 
Research methods, metrics, approaches 
Social Uses and Consequences 
Surveillance, Privacy, Security 
Teaching / Learning / Education 
Technologies and Infrastructures 
Theories / Philosophies 

Finally, if you are interested in taking on the more substantial
responsibility of sub-chair for a particular topic/area, please indicate
that too;

if you can think of a suitable colleague who might not have received this
email who would like to be involved, feel free to forward it to them.

Best wishes
Matthew Allen
Program Chair, IRv4, Broadening the Band, Toronto 2003

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