[Air-l] Developing critical thinkers online

Andrea Lapa a.b.lapa at soi.city.ac.uk
Fri Jan 10 03:40:28 PST 2003

Dear All,
My name is Andrea. I am a Brazilian Ph.D. candidate, based in London for the
current year. I was addressed to this list by my advisor: Michel Menou.
My work deals with the changes brought to learning processes by the switch
from real to virtual spaces. A special concern in this respect is the
formation of critical and autonomous thinkers. The concept of critical
thinkers seems a great umbrella. But for me it is less a matter of fostering
individual skills and more a social interaction process, which promote a
collective questioning, criticism and creativity.
I am fostering interesting examples of pedagogical practices. I believe I
will find good clues on dialogical methods, such as discussions and
collaborative learning, but it's not a "straitjacket". I am also interested
in experiences that create and/or maintain community interaction.
Does it ring any bells to any of you? I would either appreciate indications
of related research and publications.
Thanks in advance,
Andrea Lapa
a.b.lapa at soi.city.ac.uk

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