[Air-l] The Internet and September 11

Greg Wise Greg.Wise at asu.edu
Sun Jan 12 16:50:21 PST 2003

I've been finding information on Internet use and September 11th in the
United States (e.g., the Pew Internet & American Life reports), but am now
looking for work on non-US internet use. Any suggestions?

Also, are there reports out there that cover pager, text-pager (e.g.,
Blackberry), and cell phone use in NY during that crisis?  For example,
people being able to contact loved ones via text-pagers when the phone lines
were busy, etc. Or even email use in that context?

And since I'm asking a lot, I might as well ask if there are studies of
Non-US broadcast coverage of September 11th (was it carried live? By who?
For how long? Etc.) Again, most of the things I've been able to find are
solely for the US context. I'm probably just looking in the wrong places.

Off-list replies are fine (gregwise at asu.edu)



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