[Air-l] SMS

Nuri Soeharto nuria at dnet.net.id
Sat Jan 18 11:32:06 PST 2003

Dear all,

My chinese friend from Beijing told me that they used fax to
spread the news for people to gather in Tiananmen. That's
how the people power start in Tiananmen.

Here in Indonesia, emails were used to back up other media
in fast-spreading underground news and getting international
attention for ousting Soeharto as president of the country
in May 1998. Even Abigail Abrash from Robert F. Kennedy
Memorial Center for Human Rights in Washington DC received
direct messages from someone who sent latest news by
notebook, from inside the Indonesian parliament building
that was surrounded by troops.

And in Philippines, the people power against the authority
worked well by... SMS!

Isn't technology amazing???

Nuri Soeharto,-
- no relation with Soeharto the ex-president. :-)

Graduate Student
University of Indonesia


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