[Air-l] SMS and VLMS

James Watt wattj at rpi.edu
Mon Jan 20 08:56:47 PST 2003

The members of this list are clearly interested in Short Messages, given 
the recent thread.

I'd like to suggest that this interest be expanded to apply to the posts on 
this list -- my most recent digest contained a number of messages that 
quoted entire prior digests, that in turn quoted prior messages, that in 
turn were posted in both ASCII and Mime format. As a result, I had to plow 
through the same messages as many as 6 times in a single list digest. So 
this is what is turning into my annual appeal to posters to *not* quote 
entire digests, and to excerpt only the relevant material from long prior 
postings when replying. I enjoy the discussion on this list, but 
increasingly I just delete these huge, redundant digests rather than 
spending the time to separate the 30% of new material from the 70% of old 
stuff. A little care in preparing the post will improve the reading 
experience for lots of people.

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Director, Social and Behavioral Research Laboratory
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