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Charlie Breindahl hitch at hum.ku.dk
Tue Jan 21 02:33:12 PST 2003

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Nick Jankowski

Towards New Media Paradigms: Content, Producers, Organisations and Audiences
University of Navarre 26-28 June 2003

The Internet is now a part of the daily life of large numbers of people throughout Europe and the developed world generally. Now that the period of Internet euphoria is a distant memory, we are in a clearer position to begin to analyse the nature of the changes that are taking place as a result of this new technology. Research shows that for many people, the uses they make of the Internet overlap in important ways with the historical functions of the mass media.

The aim of this conference is to consolidate the work that is going on in Europe and elsewhere in order to analyse in depth the key changes to the media, and to suggest emerging paradigms for the communication industries.

Abstract are invited for papers that focus on one of the following four main themes:
1.	Media products: new news formats, new media languages, new forms of interactive content
2.	Media producers: new professional skills, changes in training and education, new careers patterns
3.	Organisations: new business models, convergence of media businesses, changing industrial structures
4.	Audiences: changing relationships between media and society, the impact of new media on the public, social uses of the new and old media.  

Abstracts should be submitted by February 15. They will be refereed and proposers will be notified of decisions by 1 March. Completed papers will be expected by 30 May. Abstracts should be submitted electronically through the web page:

The working language of the Conference will be English. The conference will take place at the School of Communication of the University of Navarre, in Pamplona, Spain. The School is one of the largest and best known in the Spanish-speaking world. For further information about the conference, the School of Communication and the city of Pamplona, visit the conference web site 

The conference is co-organised with the COST Network on the “Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media”. For information about the network, visit the website: 

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