[Air-l] CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: Visual Approaches to Website Analysis

J. Sternberg netberg at compuserve.com
Wed Jan 22 14:38:19 PST 2003

CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: Visual Approaches to Website Analysis 

The following is a call for book chapters to be included in a book on
visual approaches to website analysis, edited by Sally Gill.  The website,
as a new medium of communication, challenges our traditional methods for
analyzing media.  Beginning a little over a decade ago as a network linked
by hypertexts to aid scientists and scholars with their research, the World
Wide Web is rapidly evolving into a highly visual mass medium with
commercial, educational, informational and entertainment uses for virtually
every segment of society.  With an increasing amount of activity now being
conducted in the visual environment of the Web, it becomes crucial for
everyone to develop an ability to analyze a site from a visual perspective.

We are looking for book chapters that explore various approaches to website
analysis from the perspective of visual communication, visual rhetoric,
visual perception and cognition, signs and symbols, typography, and graphic
design.  Topics might include how the visuals of a website are used to
define the purpose of the site, to attract users to a site and keep them
engaged, to persuade, to guide users through a task, to create
organizational or product identity, to garner support for a cause, to
promote and aid learning, or to reinforce or challenge cultural values.

Please send 2 copies of chapter submission by July 1, 2003 to:  Sally Gill,
Ph.D., 111 W. Pennsylvania Ave. #4R, San Diego, CA 92103-4055; email: 
sgill at alliant.edu or sally.gill at cox.net

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