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Jillana Enteen jillana at rcnchicago.com
Sat Jan 4 07:52:19 PST 2003

Re: [Air-l] work and ICT - literature queryGreetings and Happy New Year, AoIR members!

I've got a film question I've been thinking about for weeks. Hopefully someone can provide a suggestion. 

I'm teaching a cultural studies class this winter where the focus will be internet ethnography. Since I'm using  The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach by Daniel Miller and Don Slater, I'd like some material surrounding Trinidad and Tobago. I'm including some readings about gender and sexuality in Trinidad, and the beginning of a science fiction set in a future caribbean world (Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber).

 I also want a film--one that covers internet use and the caribbean would be my ideal, but, since I'm drawing a blank, how about one that covers internet use and any non-post-industrialized nation. Any suggestions?

Jillana Enteen
jillana at rcnchicago.com

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