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I just came across a special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Information 
Systems that provides a good orientation to Activity Theory perspectives 
on the question you pose below:

Bertelsen, O. W., & Bødker, S. (2000). Introduction: Information 
technology in human activity. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 12, 3-14.

They reference all the usual suspects: Nardi (1996); Engeström (many 
cites); Kuutti (esp. in Nardi). The intro also mentions cites that link AT 
perspectives with empirical research in a range of locales, including 
those that combine symbolic interactionism & actor-network frameworks.

Hope this is helpful.


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Happy new year to you all!

I'm just about to launch on some interdisciplinary research on 'ICT and 
work' (the others are sociologists/anthropologists, I am an HCI person 
interested in CSCW and ethnographic techniques). So we're coming at the 
issue from some fairly different literatures.

If anyone has a recommendation or two on good or favourite readings in 
this area - either in general, or addressing particular working 
environments or technologies - I'd love to hear them. From any part of the 
world is fine. Feeling a little brain dead right now!

many thanks


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