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Yvonne Waern waern at dsv.su.se
Mon Jan 13 10:09:23 PST 2003

Dear Ulla, (and others who might be interested)
May I promote two doctoral theses from Sweden? I am afraid that you 
will have to contact the authors personally.

One is about norms in using a "MUD" (The Swedish Mud, Svenskmud), the 
other about norms in a chat channel.

Here are the authors:
Svenskmud: Daniel Pargman: pargman at nada.kth.se
Chat: Malin Sveningsson: malisven at kau.se>

All the best,

>I've been collecting some literature on online norms, especially in 
>group interaction. I want to look specifically at a group's reaction 
>to such violation. I have a lot of the "flaming" literature, 
>especially that which comes out of communication research. I also 
>have a few "interactional norms" pieces (i.e., Postmes 2000) that 
>are related to impression making. I'm aware of a couple of famous 
>cases (such as the guy deleting all his email in the WELL, or the 
>LambdaMoo "rape" case).
>I'm looking for additional work that examines specifically how a 
>group/community reacts to norm violation and what happens to the 
>people who violate the norms in the long term.
>I'm sure there must be a lot of research out there on this topic, 
>especially in the "community" research field, and hopefully in 
>disciplines other than communication. I'd also love to hear about 
>non-US incidents (I read German and French), and though the research 
>I'm aware of is all about email, the web, and usenet, I'd love to 
>hear about other interactional media in which norm violation took 
>To many of you this might seem like an obvious question and you're 
>pulling your hair, thinking, "how come she doesn't know about this 
>stuff," but I would really appreciate some help to add to my current 
>literature review.
>Any pointers as to how a group/community reacts to norm violation 
>and what happens to the people who violate the norms would be much 
>Please send your advice Off List to me personally at 
>bunz at scils.rutgers.edu, and I will make sure I compile a summary to 
>be posted here (rather than clogging up everyone's mailbox with lots 
>of messages).
>Thanks so much in advance!
>Ulla Bunz
>Assistant Professor
>Department of Communication
>Rutgers University
>4 Huntington Street
>New Brunswick, NJ 08901
>bunz at scils.rutgers.edu
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