[Air-l] Global data on Teen Internet use

Amanda Lenhart alenhart at pewinternet.org
Thu Jan 16 13:30:59 PST 2003

Hello Aoir's,

I've been digging around for days looking for global data on the 
number/percentage of youth (any segment of ages between 9 and 24) who use 
the Internet/use email/use IM, and I've come up with very, very little.
Does any one know of a source for such numbers?
I'd particularly like both a global number or estimate and/or a country by 
country break down on use.

I'd also love a comparative look at IM versus SMS use in a variety of 
countries. In countries where SMS use is so prevalent among youth, is IM 
ever used?


Amanda Lenhart
alenhart at pewinternet.org
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