[Air-l] space and surveillance.... at IR 4.0 ??

Nils Zurawski zurawsk at uni-muenster.de
Mon Jan 20 12:44:42 PST 2003

Dear Aoir's,

the deadline is coming closer and I wanted to get this on the list 
for some time.. now I at least make a start...

In Maastricht I attented two sessions on surveillance and one on 
space... all three of them dealing with interestin and important 
issues.... some overlapping....as in the end it is some form of space 
and its elements that is surveilled.... anyhow.. for this years 
conference I would like to propose some kind of panel on these 
matters to gather some of the ideas around and discuss open questions 
that some of you may have on this... what are the interesting fields 
of research and problems ahead in this regard...internet surveillance 
and surveillance with and over the internet will probably  a big 
issues in the next years......What are the concepts to discuss this, 
policies to be aware of and possible actions against this.... to 
focus this wide field of research it might be interesting to give 
such a panel a second focus , namely that of space... .. conceptions 
of space ..... possibilities to create social space under the impact 
of surveillance... cyberspace as a place to hide or not....???

Would some of you be interested in such a panel... session...?? If 
so, let me know personally.... share your ideas and what you 
think..... we then can take it from there and develop the idea 

best wishes ...

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