[Air-l] Informal programming learning?

David Wiley dw2 at opencontent.org
Tue Jan 28 15:27:26 PST 2003

As long as others are interested, I will add my two cents here (esp. 
since j has informed me that lurker mode is no longer working). Below is 
a piece on "online self-organizing social systems" we published in 
Quarterly Review of Distance Ed. The goal is to see if principles of 
biological self-org can be used to describe what's happening in a very 
large web board environment (I'm an instructional technologist by trade).


As a trivia bit, "osu" (pron. "oh - s") in Japanese translates loosely 
"what's up?", so we decided that ososs would be a great acronym, since 
is sounds like two people greeting each other. =)


Robert Luke wrote:

>This is an interesting thread.  With respect to knowledge management and
>involvement in online communities, I have been working with the term open
>learning (OSL) that lends itself quite well here. We are currently seeking
>to measure
>this kind of involvement in a community learning network study, using the
>metaphor of open source to describe the kind of iterative participation and
>development of social capital within community networks in general.
>Also of interest may be Rajiv Shah's (who is on this list, I think) work on
>the social
>construction of code. There are interesting parallels between what I term
>source learning (to describe the process of learning within networks) and
>discussion about how code, as socio-technically constructed, contributes to
>process.  Rajiv can say more, but I have found his ideas very useful.  He
>has an article linked from here:
>Also, I have a short article about OSL online here:
>called “open source learning: developing communities of practice in the
>network society”
>I am very interested in these ideas, as they relate very much to my own work
>on community learning networks, digital citizenship, diversity and
>accessibility, etc.  Also relevant is Lucy Suchman’s work on situated
>actions, and Lave and Wenger’s community of practice work.


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