[Air-l] key terms/concepts for understanding the web

Ulla Bunz bunz at scils.rutgers.edu
Thu Jan 30 06:21:46 PST 2003

There were two terms listed so far, literacy and user experience.

I'm suggesting to use "competency" instead. In order to use Internet
technologies (competently), you have to have literacy, but go beyond
literacy, which is too text-bound. And you have to go beyond mere
experience as in, how long have you used it, and which of the following
5 things have you done. Competency really implies a much broader array
of skills, knowledge, and even attitude.

I also suggest adding technology-mediated communication. CMC as a termis
really, in a way, not quite all-encompassing anymore. Some of my
students read their email on their cell phones. No computer involved.
Still mediated communication though. Technology-mediated communication.

So, I suggest adding both terms individually, or at least together as
technology-mediated (TMC) competence.

If there is interest, I can provide a detailed discussion of how TMC
competence has developed out of computer literacy.

Ulla Bunz
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
Rutgers University
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