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Is it not "corporeal"?

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Corporal Literacy

Maaike Bleeker: New developments in a variety of disciplines -  
ranging from philosophy to medicine to cognitive science - argue for 
a revaluation of the body as actively involved in processes of world 
making rather than a passive decoding machine. This revaluation of 
the body points to the necessity to change our understanding of the 
role of the body in processes of perception and meaning making. 
Corporal literacy understood as the bodily capacity to read and make 
sense also changes the notion of thought and meaning itself, the idea 
of what it means to do thinking, to make meaning, to rationalize. 
"What is important" write Lakoff and Johnson in their Philosophy in 
the Flesh, "is not just that we have bodies and that thought is 
somehow embodied. What is important is that the very peculiar nature 
of our bodies shapes our very possibilities for conceptualisation and 
categorization."  Corporal literacy describes these abilities of the 
body to perceive, read and make sense. It is a strategic term, with 
which we want to make a space for interaction and collaboration 
between researchers approaching questions of bodily meaning making 
from various backgrounds.

   George Lakoff and Mark Johnson. Philosophy in the Flesh. The 
Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought. Basic Books 1999: 

Rob van Kranenburg: In A future world of supersenses, Martin Rantzer 
of Ericsson Foresight claims:  "New communication senses will be 
needed in the future to enable people to absorb the enormous mass of 
information with which they are confronted," According to him the 
user interfaces we use today to transmit information to our brains 
threaten create a real bottleneck for new broadband services. "The 
boundaries of what constitutes consumer electronics and computers are 
getting blurred," said Gerard J. Kleisterlee, the chief executive of 
Royal Philips Electronics. "As we get wireless networking in the 
home, everything starts to talk to everything."  Implementing digital 
connecitivity in an analogue environment without a design for all the 
senses , without a concept of corporal literacy, leads to information 
overload. In a ubiquitous computing environment the new intelligence 
is extelligence, "knowledge and tools that are outside people's 
heads" (Stewart and Cohen, 1997) In a ubiquitous computing 
environment the user has to be not only textually and visually 
literate, both also have corporal literacy, that is an awareness of 
extelligence and a working knowledge of all the senses.  It is our 
claim in staking out a field of corporal literacy that  in 
contemporary performance and theatrical practice we find an 
actualization  of (and ways of dealing with) the bottleneck scenarios 
that are envisaged by information experts.

    At Big Consumer Electronics Show, the Buzz Is All About 
Connections January 13, 2003 By SAUL HANSELL, 

A workshop/panel in the Conference: MULTILITERACIES: THE CONTACT ZONE
2003 International AILA Conference on Literacy

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Location: Ghent, Belgium
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