[Air-l] key terms/concepts for understanding the web

Denise Carter denisecarter at denisecarter.net
Thu Jan 30 23:49:44 PST 2003

>Some of the responses made me think though. Isn't it perhaps a slippery
explanatory strategy for internet research to revamp old concepts by
attaching the prefixes cyber-, virtual, digital, or e- to them?
I know these were not dominating the suggestions, but they kept popping up,
mixing with concepts like interactivity.
And I could be totally wrong, so feel free to vivisect me.<

first thought - don't we continually revamp old concepts anyway  - the way
in which we experience things is constantly changing?
second thoughts - adding cyber, digital etc to old concepts and applying
them in new ways makes the internet familiar, and allows us to experience
things (and explain them) in terms of our everyday lives

just two thoughts from a social anthropologist who is also a


Denise Maia Carter,
School of Comparative and Applied Social Science,
University of Hull, UK
denisecarter at denisecarter.net

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