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Jay Hauben hauben at columbia.edu
Wed Jul 9 20:37:49 PDT 2003


I have looked at the Internet from the perspective of public sphere or
commons versus private property. I used the writings of John Locke as
my theoretical basis and drew the conclusion that the net is a public
space or commons to be protected from efforts at privatization. You
might find my work interesting. There is a draft at:


I had hoped to present a talk based on this paper at the 2002 AoIR
conference but ended up doing a workshop on Internet history.

Good luck with your chapter and defense of "alternative public

Take care.


Mary wrote:
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> Hello all  : )
> I'm working on a chapter right now that looks at personal websites and blog=
> s
> crafted by rural LGBT youth as "alternative public spheres" or
> counterpublics. I'm mostly relying on theorists dealing with the creation
> and meaning of public spheres (Habermas, Fraser, Warner), but I'd love to
> hear of other folks know of solid work out there specifically dealing with
> the Net as public space?
> And extra points if anyone has suggestions for readings on commercializing
> of privatizing of public space vis-=E0-vis Walmart
> : )
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