[Air-l] Software Camp for NGOs - Croatia (Technology and Social Change)

RG Lentz rgmagnolia at earthlink.com
Thu Jul 17 04:36:20 PDT 2003

Dear Colleagues,

For those studying technology and social change, this might be of interest.
RG Lentz (UT Austin)

Summer Source
Software Camp for NGOs
Call for Participants
29th of August to 6th of September (travel days included), Island of Vis, 
See www.tacticaltech.org <http://www.tacticaltech.org/> for complete 
Deadline for applications: 25th July, 2003.

Calling all eRiders - Tech Activists - Free and OpenSource software 
Developers - NGO Geeks!

If you are

Working with technology and non-profits in Southeast, Central and Eastern 
Europe, the Caucases or Central Asia
Interested in the use of free and open source software for civil society
Ready to spend an intensive week of hands-on training with people from the 
region who share your interests

then we want you at the first Summer Source camp.

Tactical Technology Collective Amsterdam and Multimedia Institute Croatia, 
in partnership with the Open Society Institute, invite you to Summer Source 
camp, a seven-day gathering of individuals and organizations working to 
implement free and open source software solutions for civil-society 
organizations (NGO's, activists, educators and independent media), from a 
practical, application-based perspective; you will do, not just debate. The 
camp will offer parallel tracks for implementers and developers with 
numerous shared sessions, from open talk to open practice, as well as a 
project flea market (an exhibition of free and open source software, tools 
and projects for NGOs).

For both developers and implementers, the camp will offer a chance to meet 
and work on practical issues with potential project partners.

In concert with a rich program, we will set aside time on the beautiful 
island of Vis, Croatia for relaxation and recreation. The gathering will 
serve as an oasis of sorts, providing pause and perspective in tandem with 
inspiration and informal interaction. You will stay in barracks at a camp 
site on the island, and excursions beyond the camp grounds will offer fresh 
vistas and opportunities to meet new friends.

We hope to see you there!


The camp will host a total of sixty participants doing work in central and 
eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucuses, and Central Asia. We will also 
have a few select participants from Asia and Africa. We will work in a 
multi-cultural environment, with participants ranging, so far, from India, 
Indonesia, Singapore, Southern Africa, Poland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, 
Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia.

The group will be composed of two distinct sets of participants: those 
implementers (non-profit ICT consultants, NGO technology service providers, 
NGO-friendly ISP staff, in-house IT staff) tasked with specifying and 
deploying technology solutions in NGO's, which would benefit from F/OSS 
training, and developers working to create new and better free and open 
source software platforms, applications, and infrastructure for NGO's.

Ideally participants will already be familiar with Internet, free and open 
software (F/OSS) and NGOs, but we are also looking to grow the community 
working on these issues, recruiting those with knowledge and passion to 
bolster the success of the event.


The aim of the program for implementers is to set up a NGOs’ free and open 
source software environment, and to be able to demonstrate the advantages 
of the use of free and open source software for civil-society 
organisations. Topics offered for this group will include process models 
for analysis and implementation, selecting and recommending toolsets, 
network options and backend solutions; hands-on implementation and use of 
different GNU/Linux distributions, internet and desktop tools; finding 
developers and resources; support and training for non-profits; case 
studies and success stories.

Topics offered for developers will include technical skillshares; building 
developer communities around projects; collaborating with dispersed teams; 
funding and revenue generation; working with a non-profit user community; 
designing with users in mind; promoting projects to a user base; planning 
and managing a free and open source software project for non-profits; 
development cycle and business models; case studies and success stories.

A substantial portion of the gathering will be devoted to shared sessions 
bringing implementers and developers together for discussion, 
brainstorming, practice, alliance building and visioning for the future.

In addition, there will be free-form skillshares and a showcase in open 
access, content, services and tools. Evening programs will include music, 
lectures, discussions, screenings, and open content.

Event Details and Application

The Summer Source Camp will take place on the island of Vis in Croatia, 
from the 29th of August to the 6th of September (travel days included).

Applications may be submitted via email. The application form can be 
downloaded at:

http://www.tacticaltech.org>, or requested by e-mail at 
sumersource_participants at tacticaltech.org 
mailto:sumersource_participants at tacticaltech.org>.

Deadline for applications: 25th July, 2003.


Later applications may still be considered depending on space availability. 
However, we strongly encourage you to apply as early as you can to make 
sure your application is considered.

The fee for each participant is EUR 150.

Participants may apply to a subsidy fund to cover participation fee and 
travel costs. We can> '> t cover all travel fees, but we do have a travel 
fund that can be used to help those who really need it to get there. If you 
need a subsidy to attend, please fill in the funding questions in the 
application form and it will be considered. All such requests will be 
evaluated on a needs and availability basis, therefore, the earlier you 
apply, the greater the chance of receiving a subsidy.

Once participation has been confirmed, we will encourage participants to 
make flight reservations as soon as possible, as this is the end of summer 
season and flight availability may still be substantially limited. Flights 
should be booked to Split or Zagreb, Croatia. Participants will need to 
inquire about obtaining a Croatian visa from a Croatian consulate before 
confirming participation.

Accommodations will be in barracks at the camp, with sheets and bedding 
provided. Breakfast and dinner (included in the participation fee) will be 
served daily. There will be additional food and shopping facilities within 
a 10-minute walk of the camp site.

We are still open for proposals for the project flea market (exhibition of 
free and open source software software, tools and projects for NGOs) and a 
few applications for facilitators. If you are interested, contact us at 
sumersource_info at tacticaltech.org <mailto:sumersource_info at tacticaltech.org>.

See www.tacticaltech.org <http://www.tacticaltech.org> for complete 


Summer Source Camp is being organized by Tactical Tech Collective 
(www.tacticaltech.org <http://www.tacticaltech.org>> ) and Multimedia 
Institute (www.mi2.hr <http://www.mi2.hr>), in partnership with the Open 
Society Institute (www.soros.org <htt://www.soros.org>).

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