[Air-l] Reminder: AoIR t-shirt competition

Ulla Bunz bunz at scils.rutgers.edu
Tue Jul 22 08:47:16 PDT 2003

Just a reminder that the AoIR t-shirt competition is still going on.
Check out current suggestions at
Email designs to bunz at scils.rutgers.edu by July 26.

T-shirt Competition:

As AoIR is growing, the executive committee is planning to create
t-shirts and
possibly other items (such as mouse pads, coffee cups) for the
These items would be available for purchase over the Internet before the

So far, we have created four possible t-shirt designs, available for
perusal at http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~bunz/aoir/logosite.htm

We would like to invite other suggestions and open up a competition for
best t-shirt design. Charlie Breindahl and Ulla Bunz will choose the
design of all submissions and the winner will receive a free t-shirt.
You do
not need to be very artistic, just creative. You can create images, or
send a text description of your ideas to bunz at scils.rutgers.edu.

There are only a few limitations that must be taken into consideration:
- designs must include the AoIR logo, available on http://aoir.org
- designs must be in black and white only

The deadline for designs is July 26.

Please send suggestions directly to bunz at scils.rutgers.edu, not to the
Listserve. Designs will be made available on
http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~bunz/aoir/logosite.htm and we welcome
constructive feedback.


Ulla Bunz
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
Rutgers University
4 Huntington Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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