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As a mature student approaching my first year at University to take a degree
in Sociology and Education I would very much appreciate the opportunity to
exchange thoughts with anyone who has the time to do so.  My current topic
is globalization.  When it arrives by snail mail I shall also be taking a
look at Giddens “Sociology”.  I have studied Open University’s DD100 Social
Science course and am using their material to prepare for September.

 I am currently comparing definitions and attitudes towards the term
globalization and have more questions than answers. Forgive me if these are
Wiseman describes globalization as a slippery, dangerous and important
buzzword of the latter part of the 20th century.
Giddens describes the world as a “runaway world” all terms which seem
emotive. Mulgan homes in on a negative kind of globalization through the
unity shared over pollution and environmental matters. I don’t have a good
background in British History and am finding it difficult to compare the
advancements in communications over recent decades with say the development
of the phone and TV.

I don’t as yet have any advice on how to prepare for the education part of
my degree any suggestions?

Your responses on or off list would be greatly appreciated
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