[Air-l] Blogathon 2003

Eszter Hargittai eszter at myway.com
Thu Jul 24 04:49:47 PDT 2003

I was wondering if any other AoIR members were planning 
to participate in Blogathon 2003.  It's a 24 hr event 
this weekend, 9am EST Sat to 9am EST Sun. People (hundreds) 
have signed up across the globe to blog for 24 hours straight 
and raise funds for various charities.  I thought the event
may be of interest to some Internet researchers.

For more info, see the project's Web site: 

I'll be taking part.  Here's my blogathon site:

Feel free to stop by my blog during Blogathon (or any time thereafter) or drop me a note during the event and help me 
stay awake.:)  Since I'm blogging for Planned Parenthood, 
I will be posting lots of materials related to reproductive 
rights and reproductive health.  (If you know of great online resources in that domain, please send pointers my way so
I can feature them during the Blogathon.)

It looks like there will be all sorts of interesting blog
themes by participants, it's probably worth checking out some
of those sites this weekend (or possibly later as hopefully
some of the blogs will stay up after the event).


I'm blogging for Planned Parenthood, 
please consider a contribution!

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