[Air-l] "Personal" or "desktop" ip-videoconferencing research references

E. Sean Rintel er8430 at albany.edu
Thu Jul 24 03:27:52 PDT 2003

G'day all!

I'm contemplating research on what people do (interactionally) in
point-to-point "personal" or "desktop" ip-videoconferencing, i.e.
the sort of thing that ordinary people do using various h323
applications such as Microsoft NetMeeting, GnomeMeeting, CU-See-Me

Since this is a move for me from my previous CMC research (on IRC),
and the few basic library and web searches that I've done aren't
turning up signficant results, can anyone recommend any references
on what people do in videoconferences? What is seminal? What's new?

I know only of _Personal videoconferencing_ by Evan Rosen but I'm
sure there must be some classic work on things like gaze-direction
and other non-verbal interactional features, how people understand
and use the camera's field of vision etc.

I'll compile any references I get and send them back to the list.

Thanks in advance,



E. Sean Rintel
Communication Department, SUNY Albany

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