[Air-l] ph.d.fellowship in digital documentation at the Univ. of Tromsoe, Norway

Niels Windfeld Lund niels.windfeld.lund at hum.uit.no
Fri Jul 25 03:37:44 PDT 2003

Doctoral Fellow in Documentation Studies, open specialty: Digital 
documentation, at the Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Art and 
Literature, University of Tromso, Norway.

Reference: 03/3156

Date of announcement in Norwegian:  09.07.2003

Date for applications: 15.08.2003

The University of Tromsø invites applications for 1 position as 
research fellow in
Documentation Studies.

The positions are fixed-term positions for 4 years with 25 % administration or
teaching duties each year. Previous employment as research fellow or 
in an equivalent
recruitment position will count as part of the education program, so 
that the total
number of years spent on the education program is 3.

The position are associated with the Faculty of Humanities and the 
Institute of Art and Literature.

Documentation Studies explores in theory and practice:  media like 
sound, writing or images, analogue and digital media,  documents like 
books, letters, speeches, concerts,  homepages,  paintings and 
institutions like libraries, archives, museums, documentation 
centers, cultural centers,  mass media and Internet etc.

The applicant must include a research proposal (5-7 pages), which 
must be relevant to the general field of Documentation Studies and 
especially in relation to digital forms of documentation, either 
digital document types or document institutions being digital or 
using digital documentation. Proposals related to document 
institutions will be favoured. Apart from that, it is free for 
applicants to formulate and define their projects as they wish and 
draw on their individual background.

The application should in addition include:

        a letter of application (up to 3 pages) with a description of 
the applicants'
        background, research experience and the relevance of previous work to
        Documentation Studies
        Master's thesis or equivalent work, and, possibly, other 
relevant material (see
        Works below)
        certified copies of diplomas and transcripts
        a complete list of publications including information about 
where the works
        have been published

The applicants must document scientific competence in Documentation 
Studies or similar studies (Communication-, Media-, Information or 
Library Sciences)  at the Master's level. Applicants must have 
mastery of English or a Scandinavian language.

The successful applicant will submit a research proposal, which will 
be the basis for
employment. The research fellow should, no later than 6 months after 
submit a plan for the employment period which includes a detailed 
description of the
research project and other parts of the doctoral degree program. The 
plan should
name the project's supervisor.
The research fellow will teach or conduct research-related activities 
on all levels from BA to MA within Documentation Studies.

The salary for the positions follows the relevant Norwegian 
regulations. The regular
salary for a research fellow is NOK 275.900 per year. A 2 % contribution to the
Norwegian pension fund is obligatory.

Applications will be evaluated by an expert committee. Emphasis will 
be put on the
candidates' potential for research based on:

        the Master's thesis
        other academic works
        the research proposal

In addition, work experience and other activities relevant to the fulfilment of
the research, the doctoral degree program and teaching will be 
included in the basis
for evaluation. Information and material which are to be included in 
the evaluation
should be submitted by the deadline for applications.

The University of Tromsø wishes to recruit women to academic 
positions. When two
applicants are found to be essentially equally qualified, the 
University will rank the
female applicant ahead of the male applicant.

Employment is decided upon by the Board of the Faculty of Humanities based on
recommendations from the Center's Director.

The application should be sent in 5 collated sets marked by the 
reference number, 03/3156, to the following address by the deadline 
for applications, August 15th. 2003:

        The University Director
        The University of Tromsø
        NO-9037 Tromsø

Works: Applicants should send three collated sets of academic works - 
published or
unpublished - to the following address by the deadline for applications.

        The Faculty of Humanities
        The University of Tromsø
        NO-9037 Tromsø

For more information, please confer

"Regulations for the Degree of Dr. Art. at the
University of Tromsø, available at the University's web pages.

Further information:

Professor Niels Windfeld Lund, Coordinator of Documentation Studies program
email: niels.windfeld.lund at hum.uit.no

Associate professor Ole Karlsen, Head of Institute of Art and Literature
email:ole.karlsen at hum.uit.no

Director of Faculty, Eirik Liland, Faculty of Humanities
email: eirik.liland at hum.uit.no

Niels Windfeld Lund, professor,
Koordinator for dokumentasjonsvitenskap / Chair of Documentation 
Science Program
Institute of  Art and Literature
HUM-FAK, Universitetet i Tromsø/University of Tromsoe
Breivika, N-9037 Tromsoe, Norway
tlf. +47-77646284, fax + 47-77644239
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