[Air-l] Generations Online: Study from AARP

Beth Mazur mazur at pobox.com
Fri Jul 25 17:35:41 PDT 2003

Here's some info from a study just released by AARP. I thought
this might be of interest to some on the list. From the website:

Generations Online: Getting By With A Little Help From One's Kids

Over two-thirds (71%) of adults surveyed age 25-44 who reported 
having an older parent or older adult with a computer are contacted 
by that person for help with their computer or the Internet. In fact, 
of these, over three quarters (78%) are the first person their relative 
turns to for help, with nearly 50% saying they are contacted more 
than twice a month.

While some might expect frequent requests for technology support 
would be a burden, the survey proves otherwise as over 80% of those 
surveyed report that having their older relatives online has made a 
positive difference in their lives. In fact, several respondents reported 
that they enjoyed being able to help their parents and that this was a 
way that they could give back for all their parents had done.

Additional findings from the survey:

    * 43% of the respondent's 50+ parents use instant messaging to 
       keep in touch with their children

    * email is used nearly as frequently with families who live closer 
       geographically (94%) than those who live far apart (99%)

    * 78% of respondents have taught computer use; 74% how to 
       use email; 64% have helped set up a computer

    * older grandchildren (52% of respondents with kids 18-24 years 
       old and 48% of respondents with kids 11-17 years old) help their 
       grandparents with the computer of the Internet

To download the report, click http://links.aarp.org/generationsonline
(PDF, 72K) or visit http://www.aarp.org/olderwiserwired

Beth Mazur
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