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Joan Korenman korenman at umbc.edu
Tue Jul 1 07:17:33 PDT 2003

--On Tuesday, July 01, 2003 6:21 AM -0500 Charles Ess 
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> In this context, I observed that in the U.S., the view seems to be
> that politicians are far less impressed with e-mail campaigns,
> precisely because they're so easy to organize, than with actual
> paper / postage stamped letters.  (The current U.S.
> administration's ability to ignore e-mail protests over the past
> year or so regarding Iraq is perhaps an extreme example?)

There has been a good deal of attention lately to how Howard Dean, 
one of the less-well-known contenders for the Democratic presidential 
nomination, has successfully used the Internet both to become better 
known and to raise money.  Just this morning, a front-page article in 
the Washington Post focused on Dean's fundraising success:


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