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Aldon Hynes ahynes1 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 07:47:06 PDT 2003

(Full Disclosure:  I am an active volunteer in the
Dean Campaign)

To get a more complete perspective on what is going on
in the Dean Campaign and its use of the Internet, take
a look at http://blog.deanforamerica.com  It is the
official campaign blog.  

To me, it was interesting to watch the level of
excitement and the small efforts at developing
community that took place in the comments on the blog.

The campaign is very focused on the use of the
Internet, stressing its use of Meetup.com to promote
self organization of close to 50,000 volunteers, the
use of upoc.com for SMS messaging, the use of the
campaign blog, which with their internet staff is
portrayed as part of the backbone of the organization.

A while ago, they moved from blogger to MovableType
and this was listed as an important event, yet even
with the move to a newer server, they ran out of
capacity yesterday as people commented on the blog,
talking about their contributions to the campaign.

The campaign raised approximate $800,000 online
yesterday, falling short of McCain's record of $1
million online in one day after the New Hampshire
primary of 2000.

Many of the political blogs are talking about what has
gone on with this, and the old media is picking up the

Personally, I would love to hear any comments or
insights about the Dean's campaign on the Internet
from people who have spent more time studying
Democracy and Culture.


--- Joan Korenman <korenman at umbc.edu> wrote:
> There has been a good deal of attention lately to
> how Howard Dean, 
> one of the less-well-known contenders for the
> Democratic presidential 
> nomination, has successfully used the Internet both
> to become better 
> known and to raise money.  Just this morning, a
> front-page article in 
> the Washington Post focused on Dean's fundraising
> success:
> nav=hptop_tb>
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