[Air-l] Impact of intense technology use on memorization's quality

Ed Lamoureux ell at bradley.edu
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This is not too different from what Plato said/wrote in the PHAEDRUS 
concerning what would happen to the Greeks due to the full 
establishment of writing (away from oral).  "It [writing] will cause us 
to forget" (roughly) . . .

and in a way, it did. In the oral age, "literate" Greeks had 
encyclopedic memories. Within 250 years after Plato, teachers of 
rhetoric had to teach memory systems.

On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 07:29  AM, Serge Courrier wrote:

> Hi,
> Ones could think that the intense use of technology could lead to a
> impairment of our memory.
> Immediate information finding through Web queries, automatic calendar 
> alerts
> via PDA, telephone numbers memorized by cellular phones, access routes
> computed by GPS, and so on.
> Do you know if anybody published a study or an article about this 
> subject.
> And what do YOU think about it ?
> Best regards
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> Serge Courrier
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