[Air-l] SEARCH FOR PARTNERS CALL ID [FP6-2002-Citizens-3 / 1.1.2]

Paolo Manzelli lre at unifi.it
Tue Jul 8 10:36:08 PDT 2003

SEARCH FOR PARTNERS CALL ID   [FP6-2002-Citizens-3 1.1.2]

Dear potential partners

> The LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence is interested in the

> field of "Mental Change in Knowledge Driven Economy" for
> participating to the following European call on "e.Government".
> See:
> ‘Topics, instruments and deadlines for the First Call of Priority 7
> ‘Citizens and governance in a knowledge based society’
> Research Area 1    Identifier: [FP6-2002-Citizens-3]
> Closing Date(s): 10 December 2003, at 17:00 (Brussels local time)
>                    OJ Reference: OJ C315 of 17.12.2002
> Activity area(s) : Improving the generation, distribution and use of
> knowledge and its  impact on economic and social development

> Work Programme Code -Topics Type of Instrument and Deadline
> 1.1.2 Knowledge dynamics and economic and societal development in
Europe  and its regions
> IP/Integrated Projects -  DEAD LINE  (10.12.2003)

"Mental change needs  for integrating and strengthening the "ERA"
(ERA = European  research Area)
Therefore I appreciate if you can look for a collaboration with the
LRE-EGO-CreaNET of the Florence University ITALY .

For details see:
   Director of LRE  // EGO-CreaNET

    PAOLO MANZELLI <LRE at unifi.it>

  Education Research Laboratory / EGO-CreaNET
  Via Maragliano 77 -50144 - Firenze - Italia

   Tel//Fax.:+39/055/332549 ; handy GSM ;+39//335/6760004

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