[Air-l] Re: Impact of intense technology use on memorization's quality

J Sternberg netberg at compuserve.com
Tue Jul 8 16:50:19 PDT 2003

Christian Sandvig wrote:
> Charles Ess wrote:
>>Of course, the classic reference is Plato's dialogue, 
>>Phaedrus, in which Socrates tells a myth regarding the 
> Neil Postman did a great job with the memory question, Phaedrus, and
> modern communication technology in his very accessible first chapter of
> _Technopoly_.  It still works with the Internet in mind even though it
> was written in 1993.  Even if you don't agree with Postman's argument,
> it is a great chapter.
> Christian

Let me second Christian's recommendation of Postman on this subject, not 
only in the first chapter of _Technopoly_ (1992), but also in Chapter 
II, "The Information Environment," of Postman's _Teaching as a 
Conserving Activity_, Dell, 1979 (pp. 33-48, esp. pp. 35-39 re 
Plto/memory/writing). (BTW, this earlier chapter of Postman's also 
provides one of the best introductions to the media ecology perspective, 
by one of its founding figures.)

Janet Sternberg

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