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hi Mary,

have you read this?

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S p h e r e :   T h e   I n t e r n e t   A s   a   P u b l i c   S p h e r
e . "   N e w   M e d i a   a n d   S o c i e t y   4 ( 1 ) : 9 - 2 7 .


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Hello all  : )

I'm working on a chapter right now that looks at personal websites and blogs
crafted by rural LGBT youth as "alternative public spheres" or
counterpublics. I'm mostly relying on theorists dealing with the creation
and meaning of public spheres (Habermas, Fraser, Warner), but I'd love to
hear of other folks know of solid work out there specifically dealing with
the Net as public space?

And extra points if anyone has suggestions for readings on commercializing
of privatizing of public space vis-à-vis Walmart
: )

All the best,
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