[Air-l] Webspace as public spheres

Rhiannon Bury welshwitch75 at rogers.com
Wed Jul 9 10:34:22 PDT 2003

Hi Mary:

For a different approach to conceptualizing public (private) space, you 
may wish to look at Foucault's notion of the heterotopia as well as 
Hetherington's book length treatment from a historical (genealogical) 
perspective :

Foucault, M. (1986). Of other spaces. diacritics, 16(1), 22-27.

Hetherington, K. (1997). The badlands of modernity: Heterotopia and 
social ordering. New York: Routledge.

good luck dissertating!

Rhiannon Bury,
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Communication Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5
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Mary L. Gray wrote:

>Hello all  : )
>I'm working on a chapter right now that looks at personal websites and blogs
>crafted by rural LGBT youth as "alternative public spheres" or
>counterpublics. I'm mostly relying on theorists dealing with the creation
>and meaning of public spheres (Habermas, Fraser, Warner), but I'd love to
>hear of other folks know of solid work out there specifically dealing with
>the Net as public space?
>And extra points if anyone has suggestions for readings on commercializing
>of privatizing of public space vis-à-vis Walmart
>: )
>All the best,
>Dissertating Mary
>Mary L. Gray <mlgray at ucsd.edu>
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