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Amanda Lenhart alenhart at pewinternet.org
Wed Jul 9 14:40:03 PDT 2003

Hi Bernard,

I'm working the analysis of data for a short survey of online content 
creation, and while I can't give firm numbers yet, I can tell you that 
precious few Americans (at least) are blogging. More may be _reading_ them, 
but not that many more... It may seem like a big, ubiquitous phenomenon to 
those of us who live heavily wired lives, but it hasn't hit the mainstream. 
Might be different outside the US. So I'm not particularly surprised that 
the dictionary folks haven't seen fit to include it in their latest offering.


Amanda Lenhart
Research Specialist
Pew Internet & American Life Project

At 12:30 PM 7/9/2003, you wrote:
>Last week, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition
>(2003), appeared in bookstores for the first time. I was surprised not
>to find an entry for "blog."  I thought the term was at least 5 years
>old.  Am I right?  For how long has the term been in existence among
>bloggers?  (Webster's Tenth Edition, 1993, understandably did not
>include "blog"; a representative from M-W says, however, that even for
>the 2003 edition the term is neither old enough nor generally known
>enough outside bloggerhood to be included in the Eleventh. Am I
>justified in my astonishment, or is the rep telling it like it really
>is?)  --Bernard
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