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Just a couple of points of clarification:
1. The link to the logo is to a two color image.  Is there a grayscale 
version (or a higher resolution version) available?
2. Is the design intended for use on the front of the T-shirt only, or 
will there be a large imprint on the back and maybe just the AOIR logo 
at pocket level on the front?

If appropriate, I would be happy to assist in the production process... 
whether that be preparing finished artwork or contracting the actual 
screenprinting (it is something that I used to do in a former event 
management life *grin*).

my best to you,

P.S. I will be submititng a couple of designs in the next few days, do 
you have a preference for file type or image resolution?

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From: "Ulla Bunz" <bunz at scils.rutgers.edu>
Date: Saturday, July 12, 2003 7:58 am
Subject: [Air-l] AoIR t-shirt competition

> T-shirt Competition:
> As AoIR is growing, the executive committee is planning to create 
> t-shirts and
> possibly other items (such as mouse pads, coffee cups) for the 
> association.These items would be available for purchase over the 
> Internet before the
> conference.
> So far, we have created four possible t-shirt designs, available 
> for your
> perusal at http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~bunz/aoir/logosite.htm
> We would like to invite other suggestions and open up a 
> competition for the
> best t-shirt design. Charlie Breindahl and Ulla Bunz will choose 
> the best
> design of all submissions and the winner will receive a free t-
> shirt. You do
> not need to be very artistic, just creative. You can create 
> images, or simply
> send a text description of your ideas to bunz at scils.rutgers.edu.
> There are only a few limitations that must be taken into 
> consideration:- designs must include the AoIR logo, available on 
> http://aoir.org- designs must be in black and white only
> The deadline for designs is July 26.
> Please send suggestions directly to bunz at scils.rutgers.edu, not to the
> Listserve. Designs will be made available on
> http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/~bunz/aoir/logosite.htm and we welcome
> constructive feedback.
> Thanks!
> Ulla
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