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In a recent Cyberanalytics subject for my Masters degree, I delved into
online ethnography.  Some of the links below cover Online Focus Groups
which has some application of online interviewing.

	Wittel, A. (2000). Ethnography on the Move: From Field to Net to
Internet. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung, 1 (1). Retrieved 08 May
2003 from

	Burton, L., & Goldsmith, D. (2002). The Medium is the Message:
Using online focus groups to study online learning. Connecticut Distance
Learning Consortium, New Britain, CT, USA,
	Rezabek, R. J. (2000). Online focus groups: Electronic
discussions for research. Forum Qualitative: Qualitative Social Research
[Online Journal], 1(1), http://qualitative-research.net/fqs.


Kylie Veale
Brisbane, Australia
MInetStds(Design) [completing Nov 2003]

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Dear AoIRers

Can anyone recommend any good books/journal articles/websites on doing
qualitative interviews online, i.e. using one-to-one synchronous
in some kind of chat environment (or whatever) for qualitative research?
anyone on the list ever done this? Any thoughts anyone??

Any help gladly appreciated...

Lisa McGerty
Applied Social Sciences
University of Bradford, UK

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