[Air-l] Re: China & the Internet: A Chronicle of Repression

Philippe Roy philippe_pj at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 19 00:44:04 PDT 2003

 the following web sites are
> currently 
> inaccessible from China : hrichina.org (Human Rights
> Watch in China web 
> site), hrw.org (Human Right Watch web site),
> amnesty.org, 
> amnesty.org.uk, amnestyusa.org (Amnesty
> International web sites), 
> freetibet.org (freetibet organisation web site),
> tibet.com (Tibetan 
> government in exile web site), cnn.com (CNN web
> site), bbc.co.uk (BBC 
> web site), washingtonpost.com (Washington Post web
> site), 
> 6-4tianwang.com (cyberdissident Huang Qi's web site)
> and bignews.com 
> (Online dissident newsletter VIP Reference's web
> site). ...

Actually, to be accurate, these websites are mostly
blocked in cyber cafés... but aare still available to
home users. As for the BBC website it is available,
except for the "news" section (http://news.bbc.co.uk),
and do I ever miss it.

Philippe Roy
Freelance Photographer and Writer
Shanghai, China

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