[Air-l] 1$CAN on sophisticates and lefties over candidates

Jennifer Stromer-Galley jstromer at albany.edu
Sun Jul 20 10:15:35 PDT 2003

Inane rivalries are the stuff of psycho-drama, and perfect for the
academy. So, you're on, Philip. I'll even have $1CAN after the AoIR
conference, although I won't need it, as I'll win this bet.

I would be positively shocked (and secretly thrilled) if you could find
that Internet adopters become either more politically sophisticated or
more left-leaning. But, if people aren't interested in politics in the
first place, how will their Internet use somehow get them interested? 

Off to paint one final room, ignoring Philip's color suggestion. I was
thinking midnight blue. . . Buyers will like that, right? 

Who is sick of scraping cream-colored paint off her elbows and out of
her hair . . . .

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> Maybe an important part of becoming a sub/discipline is 
> having inane bets and rivalries.  So I'll bet Jen 1$Canadian 
> that I can show that Americans are more politically 
> sophisticated after making the Internet one of their regular 
> media tools OR that the Americans are slightly more 
> left-leaning after making the Internet one of their regular 
> media tools BEFORE she finds a national political leader for 
> whom their campaign internet strategy was the sufficient 
> condition for winning.  In other words, I'll either find more 
> people engaged in politics, their political sophistication 
> higher, or their political norms more lefty because of the 
> Internet before she can find a candidate who wins office 
> because of the internet.
> This may take years, but I'll wager another 1$CAN that I 
> collect from JSG before she makes Emeritus.
> Open to friendly amendments.
> Phil
> Philip N. Howard
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> Department of Communication
> University of Washington
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