[Air-l] Please help to find the number of school websites

Mark Warschauer markw at uci.edu
Wed Jul 23 07:24:57 PDT 2003

I would guess that almost every high school in the US has a web site, 
together with most junior high or middle schools and a large number 
of elementary schools.  In other words, a number that is far too 
large and rapidly changing to count.

Maybe to make your point you could select a certain district, such as 
the Rochester City School District, and try to find out what percent 
of its schools have web sites.  To find that out, I would go to the 
Rochester City School District web site and see what links you could 
find from there.  Then I might supplement that by searching for the 
names of the individual schools (which you'll find on the district 

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>Dear Sandra,
>I meant to say that I search for the number of web sites of 
>secondary (or K-12) schools. Sorry.
>Ellen Lunts
>University of Rochester
>elunts at netscape.net

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